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Season 01 Episode 01

João Carlos Novo


João Carlos Novo is the Chairman of the Motofil Group. When he assumed control over the company’s management, in 1998, he abandoned primary products altogether and started building a new, large-scale industrial unit. Almost 20 years later, the group has grown and is currently an industrial machine manufacturer capable of offering integrating and automated solutions for welding, robotics, manipulation, automation, thermal cutting and tooling.
Interview João Carlos Novo
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Episode 01

Season 01
“Robots won’t take away any jobs.”
April 1, 2021

“Robots won’t take away any jobs.”

April 1, 2021 Season 01 João Carlos Novo

In order to celebrate the 40 years of Motofil and the launch of this podcast, no one better for its debut than the company’s Chairman, João Carlos Novo.