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Season 01 Episode 02

Luís Mira Amaral


Luís Mira Amaral was the Minister of Labor and Social Security (1985-87) and Minister of Industry and Energy (1987-95). He also studied at Universidade Nova SBE (UN-SBE) and at Instituto Técnico de Lisboa (ITL), where he was a professor. He is currently Chairman of Busy Angels S.A. and Chairman of CIP's Industry and Energy Councils. He is an Electrical Engineer from ITL, Master in Economics from UN-SBE and Graduate in Management from Stanford University.
Interview Luís Mira Amaral
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Episode 02

Season 01
“Our competition is on an Iberian, European and world scale.”
April 29, 2021

Luís Mira Amaral addresses topics such as the impact of companies on the greenhouse effect, industry 4.0 and the challenges that Portuguese companies face today.